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You can choose the beginner’s 101 course or the Certification Course.

Handwriting Analysis 101 – Live Seminar and Online Access to Training.

  • Learn handwriting analysis from your local trainer and access to the online videos.
  • The Handwriting Analysis 101 book
  • 10 MOV file streaming seminar videos
  • Downloadable emotional gauge
  • 101 audio book (3 hours) MP3 download
  • The The Grapho-Deck Flash Cards
  • The Quick Start Beginners Guide.
  • Plus, if you are local, you can take this entire seminar in person with your local trainer and/or  100% online.

The Level 101 course can be ordered online for $297 or you can order directly from your Authorized Mentor listed on this page for a significant discount!


Are you read to get certified and add this skill to your career?  If so, the International Certification Course is what you are looking for.

If you are fascinated with people, psychology, and the science of understanding personalities, this training is for you. After taking this course, you will have the ability to capture and express, in words, the essence of someone’s core personality and their deepest wounds and motivations in life.

If you have the strong desire to make a living making a difference, this course is for you.

Amaze and captivate your friends and any audience with this “mysterious” skill that people will make people swear you must have talked to their own mother or ex-wife. (But, you were only looking at the handwriting.)

Make a full or part-time living through counseling, coaching, or helping companies select the right employee. You will be certified in this remarkable skill from the world’s leading school of transformational handwriting analysis, Handwriting University International.

Harness the power of your unconscious mind to work for you and stop allowing it to work against you. Inside over 30 hours of video and audio lectures, the secrets of who you are and why you act the way you do will be revealed.

You will no longer have to ask “Why does he act that way?” or “Am I crazy, or is he crazy?” You will know the answers and feel freedom and clarity about all your relationships in your life


Consider enrolling now into Handwriting University’s unique Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study Course for fun, profit, and self-discovery. In each of the DVD & Live training lessons, you will be exposed to some of the most modern and powerful techniques in the field of personality and psychology. This knowledge will assist you in improving your own life, improving your relationships, and helping others.

Plus, you can even change your handwriting to change your life. Every student gets personal coaching on how to best implement the Change Your Life in 30 Days Transformational Journal. All Certification students get direct one-on-one tutoring and training when you enroll through this website.


You can graduate

The clips you will see will bring this science to life with real people, real analysis, real student questions and tons of live lectures from some of the brightest minds ever to take the stage.

Most people don’t know how to turn their fascination with handwriting analysis, graphology, and psychology into a full or even part-time living. They are stuck in the “hobby zone” and don’t know how to break free. This course is the way out.

Some people think handwriting analysis is just about handwriting. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Handwriting is just the map that we use to uncover deep layers of in-depth psychological issues that every human being deals with on a daily basis.

Inside this 17 module online training, you will dive deep into the key areas of life that really matter…

• Fears
• Motivations
• Relationships
• Success
• Failure
• Values and Beliefs


Many entrepreneurs and professionals choose to take this course to help better screen and select employees. Other graduates have found applications in their counseling and life and business coaching practices. In fact, if you enroll during this promotional period, you will be getting two certification courses for the price of one.

You also decide to take additional training and be a certified Prism Life Design Coach and Certified Handwriting Expert.…if you decide to complete both trainings over the next year.

Before next year, you can have clients lining up to pay you $300-$1000 a month to be their personal “Life Design Coach”. Naturally, an expertise in handwriting analysis makes all the sessions more effective and personalized. The PRISM coaching method stands for Purpose Relationships Identify Success and Meaning. This system walks the client through discovering their deepest meaning in life and designing a life (health, career, relationship) that is aligned with their highest values. It is a remarkable system that everyone could benefit from. Once you master this coaching system…you have all the tools you need to make a living from home and change lives!

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