Graphotherapy – The Silver Bullet

In the last blog, I spoke about handwriting analysis and its origins along with the different applications where it can be used. After finally knowing your personality from a handwriting analyst, the next step is applying the remedy. Because obviously, each one of us has certain areas in which we need to improve upon. The next step is Graphotherapy or in layman’s language can be called handwriting therapy if the former seems a bit mouthful.

Graphotherapy is the science of improving your personality by making conscious changes to your letter formations in your handwriting. Professionally applied, Graphotherapy can correct your worst faults and strengthen your character by simply changing how you write.

You may ask, how can one’s handwriting affect his character? To understand the whole complex process, it is necessary first to be aware of what takes place when you write. The act of writing is a complex networks of muscles, nerves, and synaptic pathways all firing in a specific predictable sequence. It is a series of pen marks involving rhythm, speed, pressure, direction, etc. Handwriting itself captures and holds on paper the slightest motor impulse of the writer with many contributing factors – most of them unconscious. We do not write with the hand alone, but with the brain, muscles and nerves which, in turn, react to conscious, subconscious and emotional stimuli. Handwriting is thus ‘brain-writing’.

Each person when he begins to learn writing does so consciously. After the person has learnt writing, he does writing even if he is doing other activities simultaneously. It’s like learning to drive a vehicle. Again, different circumstances in a person’s family, social circles and his life overall also cause the writing to change from time to time. That is why your writing of today will not be the same as the one in your school days.

When we voluntarily decide to change a stroke in our handwriting through repetitive exercise, we are actually affecting the corresponding character based on the neuro-pathways the thought is travelling upon. Based on neuroscience, we are physically altering the specific neuro-pathway inside your brain.  If we persist, a new pathway is formed, thus the old thought pattern begins to atrophy and the new thought pattern takes over. Remarkable results happen in life! Just as the subconscious mind affects handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind.

Our handwriting can reinforce our bad habits, or we can choose to use it to modify or even eliminate them. Graphotherapy combines the principles of neurology and psychology of handwriting analysis to create a powerful and effective method for changing your life.


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